La Carihuela Route

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It is an old fisher’s district located on the southwest of Torremolinos all along the beach of “La Carihuela”. According to different theories the name of “La Carihuela” can be translated as fisher’s town.

Due to the difference oh height above the sea of 30 meters, La Carihuela improved an evolution with regards to the town center outside the town and it’s milling industry. Inhabitant subsisted on seafood until the explosion of the tourist boom in the fifties which brought the development of restaurant business mainly based on fish and specially on fried fish. At that time La Carihuela had a fishing fleet of forty boats.

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Punta del Morro

It’s a national monument offering a unique walk close to the Mediterranean Sea. This wonderful natural monument can be seen from any points on the coast of Torremolinos. The immense place that “La Punta” or “Morro” took up is the midpoint that divides the town in two halves being a natural frontier between two of the most famous beaches of the town, “La Carihuela” beach and “El Bajondillo” beach. In the past it was the physical limit between both areas although an extension of promenade allows to walk by the sea and enjoy a unique travel by the Mediterranean.

In the 18th century taking advantage of the viewpoint a defensive battery was placed on the travertine cornice. Later at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th an English soldier called George Laugwhorty bought and renovated the viewpoint and turned it into a housing being one of the first hotel of the Costa del Sol which is known as “Santa Clara” hotel.

In 1930, Gala Dalí who was the partner and muse of the brilliant Spanish painter went the first topless of the Spanish history to be graphically recorded in “La punta” of Torremolinos.

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Playa Rincón del Sol

Spectacular beach close to the “Punta del Morro” in the heart of La Carihuela. It offers hammock service and different beach bars.

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It’s a bar located in the promenade of La Carihuela where you can enjoy delicious toasts, Iberian sausages together with a fresh beer. You are also offered breakfasts, “tapas”, meals, snacks, dinners and lovely cocktails at the best price and with the maximum quality for you to have a wonderful time with us and take with you a good memory of your visit in the Costa del Sol.

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Las Gaivotas de Kiko

Located in the famous promenade of La Carihuela. An emblematic family restaurant full of history where you can taste delicious seafood, tapas or “espetos” opposite the sea. Kind staff and plentiful tasty food. Competitive prices” ensaladilla”, mixed fried fish and dogfish are highly recommended specialties.

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Calle de los Perros

Typical fisher’s houses in the old fishing district located in the western area on the southeaster part of Torremolinos. You can appreciate balconies and windows decorated with colorful and flagrant flowers. Narrow little streets full of restaurants where you can enjoy high quality fried fish.

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Plaza Chiriva

This square is located in the center of La Carihuela providing a great number of cultural activities, Andalusian façades can also be seen. Every year tis square hold the commemoration of Holland National Day.

This small sculpture located at the intersection of San Ginés and Chiriva streets, in front of the CEIP Albaida and almost facing the sea, according to the information on the plaque, is the work of a sculptor named María Antonia and was created in 1992. It has undergone a small relocation within the same area, following the remodelling of the surrounding streets.

A fountain adorns and refreshes this square on hot summer days. This square is very popular with tourists, due to its charm and varied gastronomic offer.

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Paseo Maritimo

Artisan ice-cream shop with a great range of flavors. Cornets and tubs are sold and clients are offered a delivery service buying half kilo or one ice-cream kilo. Kind staff who invite you to taste flavors. Moreover, wafers are delicious. Do not hesitate to visit this ice-cream shop.

The deep colour of the Mediterranean Sea is an inseparable element of this exclusive beach restaurant. The best place if you want to relax, sunbathing or sharing appetizers, meals or dinners. You are welcome to join us.

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Casa Juan Los Mellizos

It is the perfect place to enjoy business family and friend meals and to hold all kind of meetings and celebrations. You are offered different lounges as well as a wide terrace in the center of La Carihuela’s square. One of our specialties and mail dish is rice which is cooked in ten different ways: soggy, rice with lobster, paella with vegetables, black rice. The fact that the restaurant is located in the fisher’s district offering a great variety of fishes and seafood.

In “Mar” square, opposite “Casa Juan Los Mellizos” restaurant, we can find a little fountain with a Neptune statue in the middle, in summer season this square is a tourist and lovers of good gastronomy meeting point.

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Panaderia Naranjito Confiteria

Naranjito Coffee Shop set up in 1979. Since then, we make all our efforts to offer the best quality products. We are in the heart of La Carihuela where you can find breakfast with natural juices, all kind of toasts and a great range of bread. No one having a sweet tooth can resist a selection of daily baked artisan pastries. In the afternoon we also offer snacks with varied artisan cakes and original receipts.

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Bar América

It is the meeting point for visitors and residents in La Carihuela. A wide gastronomy offer, breakfast, snacks, meals and dinners. The restaurant menu includes fish, seafood, grilled meat, fried fish, paella, Iberian sausages, tapas and much more. It counts on two premises located in San Ginés street with lounge and a terrace that is a perfect place for family and group meals. You can also order cocktails and long drinks with life music, which is with no doubt an unforgettable experience.

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Horno Beach Club

It is a beach club located in the heart of “La Carihuela” beach surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, where you are offered a wide range of options for you to have a pleasant stay. Try our Mediterranean cuisine or our sushi bar, drinks and wonderful cocktails, sunbath in our fabulous hammocks, have a relaxing herbal tea and have an unforgettable party night. We daily work to create the suitable atmosphere.

Music is an important part of this process, a selection of Caribbean rhythms, the pure Ibiza lounge style, the soul of our land sound as well as a selected compilation of the most representative music current trends. One of the best staff of the Costa del Sol are ready to do their best for you to feel at home.

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Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen

La Carihuela’s district has devotion to Virgin of Carmen who is the patron saint. The virgin is represented on mosaic tiles and in the big old anchors that decorate the parish church from where the virgin goes out and makes a pilgrimage to the sea on the day when her name is honored in the Christian calendar.

Since the end of the 19th century this little chapel was adapted and restored due to the increase of population of this fisher’s area, In 1953, the chapel was called “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” parish church and the last remodeling took place in 1979.

In 1937 during the Spanish civil war, the communist committee turned the church into its headquarters burning all the religious pictures and only one could be saved by a neighbour when the picture of the God Child falled on the ground. In 1940 Francisco de Palma Burgos a Spanish sculptor and painter made the same picture of Virgen del Carmen adding the picture of God Child. Since the end of the 19th, the Virgin is taken out for a street walk and went sailing for blessing fishermen. To get to “ Nuestra Señora del Carmen” parish church you have to go through the passageway “Pasaje del Carmen”.

In this passageway you can see a mural called “La carihuela fisher’s neighbour” made by Per Egon Goransson “Don Pedro” family who wanted to pay homage to the place that is the main reference in the beginning of the tourist development of the tourism, It is a typical Andalusian landscape emphasizing light, flowers and sea views.

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Restaurante El Levante

Come and visit this restaurant and enjoy the Mediterranean and Spanish cooking. “EL Levante” offers you a delicious swordfish. You will never forget this excellent house wine, white wine and the “micheladas”. “El Levante” is famous for its excellent coffee.

This restaurant is very easy to find because of its ideal location.

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La Tahona de la Carihuela

“La Tahona” restaurant is located in the heart of La Carihuela ‘s fisher district. You can find traditional home cooking made with high quality products. You can also taste some of our hot staters as well as excellent rice or our typical fried fish. You will not remain indifferent after your visit and you will come back to try its wonderful menu.

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Restaurante La Cigala

It’s a Mediterranean cooking restaurant where the most important products are fishes and seafood. We stand out grilled prawn, octopus, baby squids, “pilpil” shells, clams, Dublin Boy prawn, prawn, swordfish, dorado, angler fish, sea bass. You are also offered grilled chicken, chops , as well as the main specialties rice, rice with lobster and paella with seafood. If you prefer you can also order seafood grill or fried fish for, 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons.

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El Mojito

A British bar in La Carihuela district with life music, live sports programs with five screens and daily fantastic food. A wonderful place to enjoy time with friends.

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Regalos Anfora

Gift and souvenirs shop located in the famous district of La Carihuela. You can buy beautiful gifts or a souvenir of Torremolinos.

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Plaza del Remo

At the end of “El Bulto” street we find “El Remo” square an emblematic square in La Carihuela where we can find the monument to the Mediterranean fishermen.

A) Monument to the Mediterranean fishermen made by Aurelio Tena in 1996. A beautiful monument in la Carihuela’s promenade that pays tribute to those local fishermen died in the sea.

Located in the promenade of la Carihuela, “La Reserva de Antonio” is an important restaurant of the coast of Málaga. You are offered a wide range of products such as Iberian sausages, fishes, seafood, rice and meat together with a wide wine list with the main prestigious Spanish wine that have been awarded with D.O labels that is a guarantee of quality.

The restaurant is decorated in a fresh and elegant way and counts on two terraces a wide and comfortable lounge and private room all with wonderful sea views. La Reserva de Antonio offers a varied food list with high quality products. Enjoy our friendly bar, lounges with sea views or our private areas for special events or business meals.

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Chiringuito Los Leones

Founded in 1963 it is one of the most famous beach restaurants in Torremolinos. It is located in La Carihuela next to the “Pez Espada” Hotel. Cooking is based on the tradition of Málaga with a wide range of highquality fishes and seafood. Among the specialties you are offere fried fish, clams, skewered sardines know as “espetos” and P aellas. Don’t miss one of the specialties called “El Matrimonio” (fried onions and aubergines), “espetos de sardinas” or fresh anchovies from Málaga.

All of these quality products are served in a bright lounge with a simple decoration. You can also choose the terrace or the hammocks. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere a place where you are always welcomes. One of the best guaranties of Los Leones beach restaurant is customer’s faithfulness, local people who know where is the best place to eat.

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Restaurante la Viña de Ale

It is a cooking oasis in La Carihuela district where you are offered a completely different cooking. La Viña de Ale is half restaurant and half wine shop with a wide range of excellent wine with fitted prices.

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